“My son and I had a very positive experience with the Athletes for Autism personal training program. My son was not familiar with any type of exercise regime other than walking. It took him a while to warm up to actually performing the exercises but within a three week period, he began greeting the trainers with a smile and sometimes even a “hello”. From the beginning, staff accepted him the way he was and treated him with dignity and respect. They did not try to make him conform to society’s idea of what a 23-year-old young man should or should not be able to do, and instead took him from where he was to a place I never imagined he would go. I am grateful for the opportunity to become physically active that Athletes for Autism gave my son.”

-Karen Aronson, Mother

“Working with Athletes for Autism has been an extraordinary experience. Having all the kids see the results and make the health strides toward the development into strong and healthy kids is what this organization is all about. It is exciting to be a part of this opportunity to help more kids in the future.”

-David Pritchard, WellFit

“As a parent of a child with Asperger’s, I believe in the mission, vision and work of Athletes for Autism. This foundation is dedicated to transforming and encouraging families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders by making wellness, fitness and nutrition fun and by providing engaging¬†activities for children and parents to enjoy together. Some of the most beautiful attributes about this organization are its resource-oriented approach, comprehensive curriculum and its opportunities for awareness and advocacy. Athletes for Autism is making a difference in the lives of families today and I am proud to say that ‘I am an Athlete for Autism.'”

-Yahminah McIntosh, Motivational Speaker