By TODAY’S TMJ4. CREATED Mar 30, 2015 – UPDATED: Mar 30, 2015
April marks Autism Awareness Month.

There’s many challenges parents with autistic kids face, and getting them to be active is one of them. Wellness Ambassador David Pritchard joined Live at 4 with exercises to get you and your kids moving.

Our Issues Milwaukee – CW18

Ronny Thompson, Founder of Athletes For Autism, and Tere Sackerson whose 4-year-old son is diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum, discuss ways to improve the diet and active lifestyle for people living with Autism.

A locally produced program targeted at increasing awareness of issues facing the diverse population of Milwaukee. Host Andrea Williams invites guests from around Milwaukee to provide an in depth look at community related topics that will educate, inform and enlighten viewers.

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Nick Perera
Professional Athlete: Milwaukee Wave